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Dracula (and canapés)


14 December 2022


Actor : Gary Oldman

The evening started off with a welcome return to Christmas canapés. The standard was very high. We had Pork Belly with whiskey sauce, small Caribbean inspired pasties, chocolate and lemon cake and wobbly jelly Christmas puddings. Some of the canapés were introduced in rhyme! However, the clear winner was Mike with his twice frozen chocolate truffles which scored an impressive 95%!!

Robin had selected Gary Oldman as the actor. There are many Gary Oldman films, however, Dracula directed by Francis Ford Coppola in 1992 was not one that I even know existed! An amazing cast which included Keanu Reeves, Winona Ryder and Anthony Hopkins. In supporting roles there was also Monica Bellucci and Tom Waits. As you would expect with Dracula about the film was dripping with blood - but also quite sexy. It felt like the actors were all over acting - although the Dracula story line allows them all to be over dramatic.

The film was well received and won many awards but the Oscar awards were things like best costume, sound editing and makeup. Within the film club the film was less well received! Most of us thought that it was too long and all a bit overblown - however, I think it captured the story of Dracula very well with some very clever cinematography.

Robin did score well with the evening score - partly to do with hosting the canapé evening so well but also because he makes excellent pate.

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