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The 2021 AGM 15 October 2021 in Walderswick

The event started with a few of us gathering on Friday night for a quick pub crawl on the way to get fish and chips in Southwold. We were just getting comfortable at the Harbour Inn when we realised that we needed to get moving in order to get dinner before 8pm. There are two fish and chip shops in Southwold and it turns out that neither of them were open!! The Swan came to the rescue. We couldn't eat inside because Scout was with us, nevertheless we had the poshest fish and chips I have ever tasted. It was Monk fish and chips complete with pureed peas (not mushy) and a lemon in a muslin bag so that the pips did not get in the way!

We had a Michellin starred breakfast before a traditional round of golf. There were some excellent slow motion shots and even one or two log distance putts!

The AGM was well attended with the chairman officiating via an iPhone mounted at one end of the table. Dan unfortunately could not avoid another year as chairman. Although he has only accepted another year on the basis that it will be his last. I am sure he said that last year. He shouldn't be so effiicent and commanding. Other notable decisions for next season include the following:

Actors - each host gets 3 to choose from.

Scoring - some weird idea that all the scoring should be carried out on a piece of paper in private before being handed to the junior administrator for collation into a fancy spreadsheet. Simon is junior admin in this instance. 20 points to be awarded to film and 5 points for evening.

We retired to Dave's gaff to continue discussions on politics, current covid numbers, why there is a hole in Dave's floor near the wood burning stove and the benefits of Colonic Irrigation.

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