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Robin's List - here to aid the current host with the selection of a previously unseen cinematic experience!

Using this table you can see all the films we have viewed. You can sort by host, date, season. There are some where the score is 0% possibly because of some administrative error! There are also a number of films marked "covid" which we viewed during lockdown but did not score. Some of the dates were not noted - for instance all of season 2016 - so I have just added the date as the 1st Jan.


A brief summary as of 23 March 2021:

We have watched 76 films since October 2014.

Ian and Simon have both hosted 7 times – the rest of us are either 5 or 6 times.

Average High score is Dave with 71%.

Average Low score is Andrew with 54%.

Overall High score – Intouchable scored 80% shown Dec 2014 by me!!

Overall Low score – The Conjuring scored 26% shown Jul 2018 by Mike.

What does this tell us? As a group we don’t like scary films and having the role of chairman does not help increase your scores!

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