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Well what a year. We didn't really manage a complete season because of various Covid rules which stopped us from gathering. We did manage 8 hosted and marked films. We also managed  11 Covid films - these were mostly hosted on zoom with occasional socially distanced gatherings alfresco at the Roxy. And then in the middle of Covid Dave decides that he wants to stalk Keira and announced he was selling the Roxy!

The AGM sees us back in lock down and was organised and hosted by our lifelong chairman. There was an assumption that the evening would be fairly short since there was not too many topics to discuss beyond whether or not to allow Dave to be a member of the club and the new scoring system. How wrong - 3 hours later we had voted in a new chairman (Dan) a new Vice Chairman (Dan still has to choose someone), Dave is named Honary Best Boy (HBB) and we are now choosing films by Directors rather than decades. And the film is to be scored out of 20 (who let that one through no wonder the old lifelong chairman was booted out). More details can be extracted from Mike's Mind Map (MMM)

SWaMPS mission statement
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