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The 2023 AGM in Saffron Walden

Agenda for the day was simple. Golf in the morning, film at Dan's, wander over to the cross keys and argue about the agenda that done had prepared. What could possibly go wrong?

Chairman's (outgoing) choice of film combined a number of key features. It was under 90 minutes, MIchael Gambon (who had recently passed away) was featured, and there was even a short scene in Saffron Walden! Bill Nighy starred opposite Rachel Weisz trying to find out why the

government were trying to hide something on Page Eight of a document.

There was a good bit of chatter after the film prompted by a kissing scene with young rachel with much older Bill. A few people were uncomfortable with that sort of greeting. There was more concern at JT's successful wobble your tits sort of greeting. It was decided that we had to be careful in the work place.

Next stop the Cross Keys where the real decisions of the day get made. The Agenda was expertly compiled by the out going chairman and we zoomed through the first few items with no conflict until the issue of electronic scoring was surfaced. The discussion started to spin out of control and I had no idea what was decided until viewinf Mike's Mind Map several weeks later. Other significant decisions

Bruce is now Hon Secretary (he raised hishand at the wrong moment) - obviously Mike cannot be Chairman and Secretary. I am now Chef Technologist and Jimbo is Projectionist. For more details see Mike's Minda Map.



Saturday, 14 October 2023 at 1930hrs in the Cross Keys, Saffron Walden
Item Subject Detail Action
1. Renewal of thePledge of Loyalty to SWAMPS
• Recital of Mission Statement. All - standing
(Lead by Hon Sec)
2. Opening remarks • Welcome and setting out of the meeting rules.
• Apologies of Absence
3. Previous Meeting
• Approval of AGM Mind Map.
• Matters Arising
• Vote of thanks to Hon Sec.
4. Review of 2022/23 Season
• Short summary of the year’s programme of Films.
• Round of Applause for highest scorer.

5. Constitution

• Appointment of new Hon Sec.
• Re-appointment and change of title for Hon Admin - to Hon Technologist.
• Term of Office of Chairman restricted to 2 years.
6. Film theme for 2023/24 season
• THEME proposals:
• Continue with current category
• Foreign Films.
• Language
• Country
• Freedom of Choice
• Allocation of Film month - continue current arrangement.
7. Booze and food

• Continued linkage of booze with food to Film.
8. Scoring

• Introduction of Electronic scoring.
• Categories of scoring:
• Leave as is.
• New scheme to include:
• Film Intro (to include food and booze)
• Film
• Overall Enjoyment
• Scoring range per category
• Introduction of Formal
Sanctions for sleepers.
9. Social Events

• Christmas Meeting
• Return to Canapes?
10. Charitable Event

• Proposed new initiative Chairman (in-coming)

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