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Alas it was time to say good bye to the Roxy as we know it. In August our senior projectionist and founder member decided to sell the Roxy without any consultation involved! One last event at the Debden Roxy was hastily organised with a 1980's theme. Except Covid got in the way and forced us to create two outdoor evenings with less than 6 socially distanced club members. 

Dave did not want to sit through the same film twice so showed two different 80's films (Full Metal Jacket and something else). Dave recalled his 80's experiences which included an evening admiring the construction of the Sapporo beer can. There were cans of beer for us to admire too along with flaming Sambuca drinks. I am pleased to say that there was no reports of burnt lips.

Marking the film might be a bit pointless, but if there were marks available for ambience and location I am sure Dave would have received 100% from everyone!

RIP Roxy

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