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I don't feel at home in this world anymore

Updated: Feb 4


January 9


The introduction focused mainly on the history of American beer. There was a link, the film was shot in Portland and there were a couple of scenes where Coors Lite was consumed on set. So we had Budwiser Budvar (the original and Czech version of Budwiser), Bud Lite (the biggest selling beer in the US - nearly 25% ot the market) and Sierra Nevada Pale Ale (superb west coast craft beer). This was all presented along with American hot dogs, bright yellow mustard, ketchup and sides of popcorn, pringles and beef jerky. What could possibly go wrong!

The film won the 2017 Sundance festival award. It was billed as a dark comedy. The director, Macon Blair, has been compared with Quentin Tarantino. He likes to have a cameo appearence in his own film and his film (yes he has only directed this film) ends with various people dying. The film is about a depressed young nurse who observes every day that "people are arseholes". She is driven to take matters into her own hands after she is burgurled and the police are too busy to look for the culprits.

There was not many laughs - it was a dark comedy! There were no flavoured crisps (or should I say potato chips) - I don't like flavoured crisps. There was very little introduction of the actual film - I spent more time introducing the beer. Thus, the scoring was not as high as expected! What is worse the electronic scoring system failed!!

Anyhow - looking at the positives. It was a good opportunity to try out Jim's new amplifier (excellent sound quality). Hot dogs and beef jerky made an intresting change from pate and cheese.

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Thanks Nick, good summary of the evening. I look to imons offering in feb..


Jan 19

Enjoyed the film, Nick. And loved the sound that came out of Jimbo's bluetooth tube amp.

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