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Chinatown (2)

Updated: Jul 18, 2023


11July 2023


Oscar 1974 : Best Screenplay

Andy's first time as host so expectations were high and the pressure to impress was huge. It was a good start. There were two excellent west coast Pinot Noir for us to sample (one of them might have been a Syrah?). There were Chinese inspired duck pancakes, fresh cooked popcorn and fortune cookies waiting for us. The film soundtrack was playing subtly in the background and Andy wearing a T-shirt with a link to the film.

In order to select a suitable film advice was requested from the honorable c*untry member. However, Chinatown was hosted by Bruce a few years ago. Surely Dave should have known this! Anyhow given that this was Andy's first showing we decided to overlook this film club faux pas, especially since it could all be blamed on Dave.

Chinatown is a sultry film noir directed by Roman Polanski. Set in the 30's with Jack Nicholson playing a PI asked to investigate a potential philandering husband. What he discovers is that the person who hired him was not the wife after all, his real wife is Faye Dunaway and she has a daughter that is also her sister. The philandering husband ends up dead as does his wife while the daughter is taken away by her grandfather/father. All very confusing. And the film is called Chinatown because the last scene was filmed in Chinatown.

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