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Django Unchained

Updated: Sep 15, 2022


14 June 2022


Actor : Christopher Waltz

A lovely summer's day to sit out in Mike's back garden. We were invited an hour early because (after viewing six other films) Mike decided to show Django which runs for 2:45. I am sure this is the longest film that the film club crew have sat still for - and in Andrew's case he did even nod off! It is, of course, written and directed by Quentin Tarantino and therefore the storyline and action kept our attention.

The story revolves around the Dr Schultz (Christopher Waltz) who is a bounty hunter that travels around the southern states looking for people with a price on thier head - dead or alive. In Dr Schultz case the bounty is usually dead by the end of thier meeting. During his travels he rescues Django from his life as a slave and agrees to help Django find his wife who has been sold on.

There were a quite a few uses of the word "nigger" and as to be expected with a Tarantino film there was also a good number of dead bodies usually coverd in tomato sauce. In fact the amount of bloody scenes and the way they were depicted was in somes cases too comical. I think if they had left out any attempts at comedy and removed Tarantino's cameo the film would have been shorter and even better! Nevertheless, the film still managed to score the season high score.

What helped the score even more was Mike's provision of ample hot and cold food. There was also at least a bag of crisps each! The first wine was from Mike's mate in Australia - it was a shiraz/merlot (or was that a merlot/shiraz). We provided a live streamed recording of the tasting event for Mike's Australian wine maker. I am sure he will value the numerous contradictory tasting notes. The second wine was the best that waitrose could offer. It was much better - at twice the price it should be!

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Jun 15, 2022

Beautiful write up Nick. One correction... the first wine was a Malbec/Shiraz blend.

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