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Don Jon

Updated: Feb 9, 2022


11 January 2022


Don Jon is a weird film. Billed as a romatic comedy it is all about one mans obession with pornography. Despite having a perfect car, a perfect bachelor pad along with the ability to pull any of the perfect ladies at the night club he prefers watching pornography on his laptop. However, all this sex out of wedlock is OK becuse once a week he attends church with his family and during confession he admits all his transgressions to the priest. For some reason whatever sin he admits to he always gets the same punishment - 10 Hail Mary's.

An ideal film to be viewed and discussed in the masterbatorium!

The film did generate a polarised response amoungst the assembled club members. Although Andrew was not allowed to vote having being caught napping for most of the film. Joseph Gordon-Levitt wrote, directed and starred in his first film as a director - quite an achievment! He wrote the film with Scarlet Johansson in mind and was lucky that she then accepted the role. The film was also Brie Larsen's debut role in a film. She only has one line in the film - most of time she just has to look like a pissed off teenager which she does so well that she was nominated by various film festivals in the Breakthrough actor award.

Bruce provided plenty of cheese and two cabernet sauvignon based wines. We recently learned that Cab-Sav is the most popular (by quantity) grape variety at the chairman's cheese and wine evening. One wine from France costing £20+ and one at half that price from Argentina. In a blind tasting most of us preferred the Argentinian wine.

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