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Killer Joe


9 August 2022


Actor : Matthew McConaughey

Joe Cooper is a police officer and to supplement his income he is also a contract killer for hire. Chris is a drug dealer who has got into debt and needs to find a decent amount of money to pay off his employers. Chris and his family live in a trailer park in west Texas. He decides to have his mum killed and collect on the insurance. A plan which meets with approval of his dad and sister! Joe is hired but wants a down payment which of course Chris cannot afford. Joe takes a fancy to Chris's 12 year old sister, Dottie, and suggests that she will be a perfect subsitute. Needless to say there are various complications with the payment.

The film was adapted from a play and billed as a dark, comedy drama. Very dark indeed. Many of us found the chicken drumstick scene difficult to watch - certainy put us all off KFC for a while. The film was shot in just 3 weeks!

Dave was obviously nervous about the content of the film and gave us a choice of two Matthew McConaughey films to watch. Despite the warnings of diffcult content we decided to watch Killer Joe. Dave presented two wines both Bordeaux. One was priced at £7 and the other at £37! I am glad we could taste the difference.

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