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Late Night with the Devil


June 11


Jim choose two excellent white wines to be paired with another low budget obscure film. There were sausages with powerful french mustard which is always a crowd pleaser. I think this must be at least the fifth time we have had suasages this season!

The film is on the set of a struggling talk show in the 1970's. It is filmed in a documentry style with clever cuts to black and white filming while the show is taking a break during adverts. Several guests are brought on the show for a special occult-themed episode on Halloween. One guest is a possesed teenager who eventually reveals herself to be the devil and starts to set fire to various people in the show, The show's host grabs a ritual dagger from one of his guests and stabs the devil to stop the slaughter. The final scene shows the host standing over the dead teenager with the sound of police sirens in the background. Who was pocessed - the teenager or the host? A very cleverly filmed horror film that left us all trying to work out what happened at the end of the film.

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Jul 07

Nice write up, Nick. A memorable film and evening, indeed. I’ll be sure to steer clear of sausages on the 18th.

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