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Manchester by the Sea


8 August 2023


Oscar 2017 : Best Screenplay and Best Actor

We don't often have white wine at the club. Bruce had slected two - one was Austrian to link with his initial choice of film. However, the more intresting white was from Califronia, Bonny Doon Vineyard to go with locally smoked salmon and the film he ultimately selected to present.

Manchester by the Sea is a film which explores themes of depression, guilt, grief, responsibility, dysfunctional families, and post-traumatic stress disorder from a male perspective. An ideal collection of emotions for film club. Casey Aflek plays Lee who has experienced too much grief. He blames himself for causing a fire which burnt down his home killing his three children. His wife then leaves him. He accepts a job as janitor and spends his time alone occasionally picking fights at the local bar. His brother dies of a heart attack and he is now given responsibility for his brother's son. Needless to say he fights this responsibility because he feels he is not up to task.

The film generated more than the usual post film discussion becasuse of the gritty and powerful Lee's grief exposed. There was no doubt that the film was a bit of a downer which is why I had spent the last 6 years thinking I really should watch this film but ending up not doing (until now) because the subject was just too depressing. I a.m glad I have seen the film

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