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Mr Hulot's Holiday

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

I think Simon had been waiting for about 11 years to show this film to Swamps. After drawing an unprecdented 4 directors from the scrote he decide on Jacques Tati - what took him so long to decide. It might be something to do with the fact that Tati was not avaialable on the usual lock down streams (Netflix, Amazon and YouTube). so instead we had a link from Vemo - a technological challenge for some members.

Jacques Tati released his second (of only 6) films in 1953. It introduced Mr Hulot and his adventures while on the mandatory french vacation to the coast in August. The film was shot almost entirely in the seaside village of Saint-Marc-de-Mer where there is a statue erected in his honour.

Simon provided an excellent introduction to Jacques Tati's life career and death. Allegedly Jacques Tati died in 1982 on the 11th hole of a golf course frequented by Simon's dad.

Unfortunately the overall film club response was negative despite the detailed introduction it was felt that the flim was dated (what 1953 film is not dated??) and the humour was lame. However, it certainly challenged a number of members of the film club which is the part of the film club aim after all.

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Feb 10, 2021

Just woeful! Nick asks which 1953 film has aged well...Gentlemen prefer blondes, Roman Holiday, Peter Pan. Earlier than that Fantasia, The Third Man ( a film club favourite), The Big Sleep, Its a wonderful life, The Great Dictator ( a proper comic genuis), Maltese Falcon, Citizen Kane, Casablanca. Earlier than that some of the real silent comedy classics.

But oh no! SWAMPS is subjected to this woeful rubbish!


It was simply shite on very many levels. Poorly acted, quite pathetic comedy and really not funny


Interesting thought Bruce... but he did manage to pull the girl with the tightish Princess Laya hair

One question I had was why he kicked the guy up the arse by the side if the hut?

I really enjoyed the film... it was light, visually appealing, charming, innocent and the perfect antidote to the ghastly covid ridden, politically corrupt, Brexit fuckwit thinking country which we find ourselves in.


Maybe we were a bit harsh but anybody who shows comedy is sticking his neck out as an appreciation of comedy is such a personal thing. We all have different senses of humour! Mine is not slapstick! Usually....yet having said that I did laugh at quite an extended scene of slapstick in One Man Two Governors, but it was very well done.

An interesting aspect of M. Hulot is the extent that he was aware of his own deficiencies. A lot of people are aware and then have to cover up their deficiencies. He was constantly running away from the messes he made (including carrying the lady's suitcase, tripping up, going through the house and running round to the front…

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