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Updated: Jun 9, 2021


10 November 2020


The first of the new season with new scoring rules. However we were back in lock down so the evening was hosted on Zoom. Dan was eager to demonstrate his authority in his new chairman role. Everything was run with military precision. Dan selected Sydney Lumet as a director, famous for 12 Angry Men.

A news anchorman for a struggling TV network decides to announce his suicide due to redundancy caused by low ratings live on air. Guess what the ratings go up! Faye Dunaway manages to persuade the network bosses to give him his own show. Ironically the mad news anchor played by Peter Finch turns out to be too mad for the network and the only way they can think of getting rid of him is to assassinate him live on air!

Faye Dunaway and Peter Finch were both awarded Oscar's for best actor and actress (or should that be best actor playing a male role and best actor playing a female role?). The film did drag in places and could have been 30 minutes shorter. However Dan managed an excellent 75% score.

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