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Nine Queens


May 14


Bruce treated us to Spanish Sherry and Spanish Tapas - and a Spanish Language film from Argentina.

I did not know that the sweeter the sherry the more potent it was. The two sherries were paired pefectly witn chorizo and Bruce's own made Aubergine Tapas. An excellent start to the evening.

The film was voted as one of the 10 best Argentinian films of all time! Filmed in just 7 weeks on a budget of only $1.3M there needed to be some very careful production to reduce costs. One way of reducing costs was to limit the number of extras required by shooting many of the scenes on the street in short quick bursts before members of the public realised that they were part of the film. Overall the film grossed $12.4M. The film follows two con artists who decide to pull off the most complicated involving selling a sheet of fake stamps to a collector. Needless to say there are multiple twists to the plot before the real con is uncovered.

New time released scoring method in play to give everyone a chance to express their opinions. Bruce scored well especially the food and wine component scoring 77%.

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26 mei

Great write up Nick👍🏻

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