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12 September 2023


Oscar : Best Animated Feature 2023

What makes this film amazing is the amount of detailed work that has gone into every scene. Pinocchio has 3000 different faces that are interchanged take by take so that his talking scenes can be filmed using stop motion animation. No wonder it would take a couple of months just to film one scene. It makes Wallace and Gromit look amateurish!

As well as gaining an oscar it also holds the record for the longest stop motion animation film. Guillermo del Toro started the project in 2008 but it was not until Netflix agreed to finance it in 2018 that the film became a reality.

The story of Pinocchio is well known. However Guillermo decided to base it in 1930's Italy with a role for Moussolini. While the film was technically amazing it did feel a bit long with some needless singing in the middle.

Andrew provided italian beer and cheeses to get us into the mood. The level of detail in the pre film explanation was superb. We were treated to a short video before hand which demonstrated some of the stop motion animation techniques so that we could fully appreciate the technical expertise of the film.

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