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Quo Vadis, Adia


14 November 2023


A good start to the 2024 season. New rules - we choose anything we like. Jonathan was inspired by all the wars going on at the moment and decided to show this movie about a masacre of civilains during the Serbian war. It was a tough watch but completely engaging. It split the crowd with some very high marks awarded but these were offset by some very low marks. It was mentioned that this film could be renamed Buena Vista Herzegovina in memory of one of Jonathan's previous film showings. Jonathan did explain that he had not previewed the film - a very brave thing to do!

We had an introduction to the film which included detailed knowledge of how much money the film lost at the box office! There was also wine - two bottles of shiraz - one three times more expensive than the other. I am glad we could taste the difference! Food included hand made sausage rolls. along with a cheese board that Robin added some left over cheese to. There were also Mini Magnum ice cream for after he film - a good idea but these were overshadowed by Andy providing that last known box or Caramacs in the UK.

The new elctronic scoring system was introduced. From a technical perspective the scoring went well. However, there could be improvement on the presentation of the scores - let's see what happens next time!

Introduction 71%, Food 62%, Film 73%, Overall 69%

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1 Comment

Excellent summary. Perhaps could have mentioned the lack of mustard to accompany (the very tasty) sausage rolls.

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