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Road to Perdition


16 February 2023


Oscar: Cinematography 2002

Moved by popular request from 14th February. Cinematography has long been a difficult concept for the film club so by showing an Oscar winner we can now be clear what consitutes good cinematography. There were some outdoor scenes especially in Chicargo where over 100 1930's automobiles were used to recreate a scene from the film. However, much of the film was shot inside a big warehouse where the director (Sam Mendes) could control lighting, camera position and exposure -the three main elemements of good cinematography!

The film has numerous stars including Jude Law, Tom Hanks and especially Paul Newman who was nominated for best supporting actor in his last feature film. Tom Hanks plays a mobster gunman and is on the run with his young son having upset the mob boss Paul Newman. Jude Law is chasing them. The film has many theme's - one is the relationship between father and son. Another theme is the relationship between water and death (apparently in every scene where there is a death there is water in some form or other - usually rain, ice or snow).

To accompany the film there were hand made scotch eggs from a fancy butcher's in Baldock where I now get my lunvh most days - I recommend the chilli egg. To wash this down there were some Pinot Noir wines to compare. The Romanian Pinot Noir was not the best choice - it was only £5.99 from waitrose!

The film was well recieved with a new comfy seating plan at 76 Debden Road. It was so comfortable that there was one sleeper!

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