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Secrets & Lies

Updated: Oct 29, 2021


8 June 2021


Mike Leigh has a strange way of producing a film. He gets all the actors together and gives them a basic story and then the rest is improvised until he comes up with a script he is happy with. Secrets & Lies follows, Hortense, a successful young black optometrist, who after the death of her adoptive parents decides to establish contact with her biological mother, Cynthia, played by Brenda Bleythn. Hortense discovers that Cynthia's extended family is confused and surprised by the revelation that she is Cynthia's daughter. The film is widely recognised as one of Mike Leigh's best films. The film was not uplifting - nearly every character had some depressing flaw! However, what makes the film such a delight is that the acting is superb from all of the cast especially Brenda Blethyn and Timothy Spall.

This was a special event in the SWAMPS calendar, it was the first time this season when we could all meet to watch a film together outside in Jim's new "wankerium". Thus expectations of a return to normality were high. Unfortunately, too high in some cases, as there were complaints of no cheese or charcuterie board and no presentation of a fancy wine! Despite being marked down for lack of nourishment Jim managed an impressively high score of 77%!!

The quote of the evening from the usual after film banter was;

"Will you still float if I take my finger out?"

Now the trouble with quotes is that they need context and in particular this quote. Now I think I have got this right but I believe this was said by Rolf Harris to a young Andrew during a swimming lesson. It was either attributed to Rolf Harris or Gary Glitter!

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