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Skin, Curfew, Toyland and Two Distant Strangers


10 January 2023


Oscar: Best Short Film 2009, 2012, 2018, 2022

Mike had provided homemade chicken liver pate and something that looked like a cannonball but was actually a Lancashire Bomb - both superb and made us forget about the initial technical issues! All of this was washed down with two Portuguese wines that were collected while he was on a recent holiday.

We don't watch many short films so it was a treat to have a medley of oscar winning short films. There was a theme - I think it was all to do with racism or prejudice. I particularly liked Curfew. A young Uncle is interrupted from his suicide attempt while in the the bath with slashed wrists by his sister who needs him to look after her daughter. He repairs his wrists and takes his niece to a bowling alley where the whole cast seem to be dancing in time to the music.

Mike scored an impressive 77%.

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Jonathan Turner
Jonathan Turner
Feb 26, 2023

Nick why is there a crown with your name ? I think Mike had the highest score this searson


Jan 14, 2023

Thanks Nick!

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