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The Great Dictator


December 12


Robin's Traditional Canape evening is an eagerly anticipated event. The production of the canape is a strictly controlled process. There is to be no support from in house staff and the canape must fit in the mouth in one go. (there is an extra rule - and that is there should be no nuts!) The standard is very high as you can see from the fine table below. Notable canape's were; Andrew's perfectly produced mini christmas trees with caviar for baubles; Jonathan's sweet baklava (re-engineered to be nut free!); And my mini chocolate covered ice cream christmas puddings. However, the award for the best canape goes to Robin for the suberbly presented oyster rockerfeller.

The Great Dictator was written, directed, produced, scored and staring (in two lead roles) by Charlie Chaplin. It was one of his first talking movies and his most successful - which was a good thing because he funded the whole film. He made the film before the full horrors of the Nazi Conncentration camps were known and released the film just as the war started. Not surprisingly it was banned in Germany and occupied countries - although Hilter is said to have viewed the film privately!

Robin paired the film with three bottles of fine sherry along with Italian cheese and meats. I think that is the first time we have had sherry presented at the club.

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