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The Straight Story


March 12


The Straight Story is a biographical road movie directed by David Lynch and released in 1999. It is based on Alvin Straight's journey in 1994 across 240 miles of Iowa on a garden lawnmower that had a top speed of 5mph. OK so it does not sound that interesting, There were no dramatic car chase scenes or anything like that. But there were lots of comments about the wonderful cinematography. Bring back cinematography as a score in the film club - one for the AGM.

Andy had prepared well. He had dismissed his staff for the evening in order to prepare his own brand of roadtrip food - sausage and beans! The food was accompanied with two good bottles of Waitrose red form USA. There was also the most amazing dijon mustard. This time he ignored any of Dave's suggestions because we had seen them already. Excellent score. I think the score was aided by a wide range of crisps including Pineapple and Chilli!! There was also a cheeky brownie at the end that Andy claimed no responsibility for but nevertheless served them and therefore probably gained a few extra points!

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