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Three Colours Blue


12 April 2022


Actor : Juliette Binoche

Andrew’s offering was Three Colours Blue, a French language flick that apparently made £500,000 on release - so that’s 100,000 people that will want their £5 back...

Blue is the first of three films that comprise the Three Colours trilogy, themed on the French Revolutionary ideals of liberty, equality, and fraternity; it is followed by White and Red. According to Kieślowski, the subject of the film is liberty, specifically emotional liberty, rather than its social or political meaning.

The "waffer thin" plot revolved around the fragrant Juliette Binoche being sad after a car accident that killed her child and husband. It transpires the husband had been involved in a bit of "je ne sais quoi" with a redhead lawyer who bears his child, and the other bit of the plot involved finishing an orchestral work he was composing for (bizarrely) the doubt for a large subsidy.

There were lots of pregnant pauses, swimming scenes and close ups of Ms Binoche in various degrees of sadness.

On the plus side, it was mercifully short and the two blue cheeses provided were very nice.

Suffice to say Simon C scored it highly.

Due to complicated scheduling issues there were only 6 members present at the viewing,and for the first time in film club history the host was not present to carry out hosting duties or defend the film in post film discussion.

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